Russ Pulley For Metro Council

Russ Pulley’s enduring commitment to community service, educational initiatives, and public safety showcases his readiness and capability to serve as an effective Council At-Large member. 

Commitment to Education

Russ has shown a deep commitment to enhancing local education, having served in leadership positions in the Parent Teacher Student Association and as the Athletic Booster President at Hillsboro High School.

Extensive Community Service

Russ Pulley has a long history of significant contributions to community development, with roles in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and the State PTA Board.

Professional & Qualified

His vast experience and understanding of community needs make him the ideal candidate, ensuring voters that he will consistently strive for their well-being and the overall growth of the community.

Election Day is SEPTEMBER 14th, 2023

Early Voting is August 25th – September 9th
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A Life Spent In Service To The Community

A Lifetime of Service, Leadership, and Commitment to Community

Russ Pulley embodies a lifelong dedication to service, showcasing remarkable leadership in youth development, education, and community growth. His professional trajectory, punctuated by significant roles in public safety and law enforcement, reaffirms his commitment to creating a secure, inclusive, and prosperous community.

“Councilman Russ Pulley stands out to me because when I have reached out to him, there has never been a time when he has not responded. I have never known a council person who is so attentive. And it is not just me, he is responsive to everyone I know who lives in his council district.”

Brenda Barnes

Russ Pulley Has Dedicated His Life To Keeping Us Safe

Russ has spent his entire professional career committed to serving others. He graduated Cum Laude from Christopher Newport College in Newport News, Virginia before joining the Chesapeake Fire Department as a firefighter/paramedic. He left Chesapeake to serve as a Police Officer in Virginia Beach and then a State Trooper in Virginia before beginning a long career as a Law Enforcement Officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his service as a Special Agent with the FBI, he investigated cases ranging from counter terrorism, drugs, violent crimes to public corruption including a one-year undercover project. He retired from federal service in 2015 after spending 11 years as an Investigator for the U.S. Department of Labor investigating federal crimes and preparing those cases for prosecution.

A Secure, Educated, and Thriving Nashville

Russ Pulley champions a platform dedicated to fostering community growth through support for local businesses and youth programs, ensuring public safety with his extensive law enforcement background, and persistently advancing educational excellence to provide quality learning for all.

Community Growth

Leveraging his extensive experience in community development, Russ aims to foster an environment that supports local businesses, education, and youth programs.

Public Safety

Drawing from his background in law enforcement, Russ is committed to maintaining and enhancing public safety, ensuring that every community member feels secure and protected.

Education Enhancement

With his strong history of advocating for and being involved in educational initiatives, Russ seeks to continue strengthening the quality of education in our community.

Russ Pulley Knows How To Bring People Together To Get Results

As Councilman for District 25, Russ listened to constituents and worked successfully to get a new transit center with the new Hillsboro High School. This will allow buses to get in and out with priority and will help relieve traffic. Russ worked to realign the intersection of Crestmoor, Hillsboro Pike, and Glen Echo which helped to improve traffic. Russ currently serves on the Budget and Finance Committee, Public Safety Committee, and is Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. During his time on the Council, Pulley has also served as Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Vice-Chair of Health/Hospital/ Social Services Committee, Vice Chair of the Rules Committee, and Education Committee in addition to serving on the Codes Committee.

“I have known Russ for years when his boys and my girls were in high school, and I worked with him on the renovation and new construction for Hillsboro High School. He is great at communicating all the issues with everyone. He is an honest broker who brings different people to the table to find a solution. That’s what he did to help us get a new high school.”

Carey Morgan

Photo Gallery

Over the years, Russ Pulley’s photos taken during various community engagements offer a heartfelt testament to his unwavering dedication and active involvement in fostering a safer, more educated, and thriving community.

“Russ is a man of high character, has the biggest heart for people, and really cares about the well-being of all kids. I worked with him as he volunteered his time and brought people together to help the kids at Pearl-Cohn.”

Coach Ray Pratcher

A Record Of Service To Our Community

Russ has a long history of volunteer community service in the youth development, education, and community development areas highlighted by his lengthy service with the Boy Scouts of America, his service on the executive committee and development committee at Hillsboro High School, and his service on the State PTA Board. Education is a priority for Russ, and he has been very involved with Hillsboro High School having served as President and Vice President of the Parent Teacher Student Association as well as Athletic Booster President. He has coached baseball, basketball, and soccer for many years with several organizations and was Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America Troop 17 for 12 years and Pack 32 Cubmaster for five years. As his kids were growing up, Russ was an active member in the Methodist Church, serving on their planning committee, missions committee, and administrative board. He is now a member of Grace Community Church, has been Vice President of the Battlemont Neighborhood Association, and member of the Green Hills Action Partnership. In addition to serving on the Metro Council, Russ also spends his weekends in the fall as a football official in the Southeastern Conference. This fall Russ will begin his 24th season in the SEC.